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about us

Giovani (Nino) Vitale believed in the American Dream when he came to America in 1968, and he still believes! Nino left hometown of Balestrate, Italy to pursue a better life in America. After 5 months, he had established himself as a business owner.

Nino started his business fabricating aluminum skirting for manufactured homes. He soon realized that there was a market out there for something much larger. Homeowners wanted a place where they could enjoy the beauty of the outdoors year-round but not have to deal with the drastic element changes or insects.

Growing his idea of an outdoor living space, Nino began to design aluminum porch enclosures for these manufactured homes. The aluminum enclosures were a big hit and Nino started TEMO Incorporated in 1971.

TEMO’s reputation grew as they began to introduce new product lines at home improvement shows and tradeshows throughout the Midwest. Meanwhile, customers who purchased the aluminum enclosures began reporting condensation problems related to the cold conductivity of the aluminum roofs. Nino saw this as a challenge and was the first sunroom manufacturer to create a thermal roof for an outdoor room.

By 1972, business was growing faster than installers could work. TEMO needed to grow, expand and speed up the installation process to keep up with their number of sales. This required innovating another industry-exclusive feature – the Thermal Window Wall System, which combined windows and walls in pre-manufactured sections. This sped up on-site construction, and provided increased structural strength and overall insulation. With the all-thermal sunroom, TEMO advanced the evolution of porch enclosures and firmly established itself as the sunroom manufacturer leading the industry.

TEMO expanded its sunroom operations in 1975 to cater to all residencies. By 1978, TEMO had grown so much that it relocated to the current warehouse in Clinton Township, Michigan. This new building is three times the size of the original location in Fraser, Michigan.
In 1981, TEMO eliminated its aluminum skirting product line to become a sunroom-only manufacturer. “Do one thing and do it well,” Nino Vitale said.

The pergola was introduced 10 years ago. “Pergola” is an Italian word that means shade from the vine. These structures have always been popular in Europe but have grown to be luxury items in the United States because of their beauty and symmetry. TEMO found a way to capture the beauty and architectural elements of the pergola, while giving it a longer lifespan and selling it a price that any homeowner can afford.

Nino is still as passionate about the business as he was when he started 40 years ago. He believes in his products and believes that they can change people’s lives. TEMO stands for Trust, Enthusiasm, Motivation, and Opportunity – four ideals that would be the guiding light for a sunroom manufacturer destined to succeed.

The company has evolved and mastered a number of markets throughout its 40 years. From aluminum siding, to thermal roofs, from patio rooms to pergolas, from carports to basement finishing systems. TEMO has a wide range of home improvement additions for the homeowner with any size budget.

Today, TEMO is a manufacturer that has helped more than 100,000 customers throughout the country expand their living space and add value to their homes. If you would like to learn more about our products, please contact TEMO today.